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Here some of my conclusions about this current situation. Some might be popular and some are painful to admit but here we go:

-First of all, I do think Lisbon is really into Pike. This is not a rebound-of-Jane kind of relationship. Her heart might be somewhere else, but it seems she really want…


We know what you’re doing ;)

3x04 and 6x18

I’m glad to know that I wasn’t the only one thinking about that scene when watching the scene from tonight’s episode!


Jordan on twitter has made a brilliant deduction about Jane and Pike, imo. Cause after this episode I totally agree with this:

“-As I was watching this episode suddenly so many things made sense.  First off everyone has been saying how different Pike is from Jane.  Actually they aren’t that different.  Yes, they both have four letter last names but I mean more than that.  Pike was married so was Jane.  They both had a home, a family that ended and neither has recovered from it.  Jane stays away from real relationships, while Pike jumps in- both are in desperation.  These men are broken and need to be saved.  And here enters the ultimate savior- Lisbon.  Pike wants that family again…Jane needs Lisbon around.  Pike wants Lisbon to come to DC with him, Jane had Lisbon move to Austin to be with him.  Pike is obsessive.  Golly so is Jane. Pike is in touch with his feminine side and the finer things…hm so is Jane.  Pike is manipulative like Jane.  Look how he tells her about the job then says he isn’t going to take it and when she prods him then says come with him.  Totally manipulation to get what he wants- her.  Pike is needy and needs to be wanted.  Jane loves attention and is needy, too. 

-So guess what people, Pike is Jane to Lisbon.  Lisbon is living out all her Jane fantasies- sex, love, romance, him wanting her.  Lisbon has always been someone who wanted to fix broken toys.  She has been trying for years to fix Jane while losing everything in return (including her job).  But she did it because he NEEDED her.  Now with Pike, Lisbon is again giving up everything because she is trying to fix him.  Lisbon is doing what she couldn’t for her father- save him and make him happy.  Lisbon tried to save Jane but she failed and he killed Red John.  Pike is easier to save plus you get sex out of it- she just needs to be with him.  Finally Lisbon would accomplish what she always desired- saving a man from himself.

-Jane said in season 1 and then season 2 and again and again that he was going to save Lisbon.  That’s coming people.  Because although we Lisbon fans don’t like to admit it, Lisbon does need some saving even if she doesn’t realize it.  Jane isn’t taking her from Pike, he is saving her by finally setting himself free…to not need to be fixed anymore.  And then Jane can help her pick up her own pieces, fix her own self and realize that isn’t her job to fix the broken.”

(Thanks to @imsonotMelville)

I agree with a lot of these points - especially the similarities between Jane and Pike - but even if Jane does “[set] himself free,” that doesn’t necessarily mean that Lisbon would be/go with him. All it means (depending on what the reviewer means) is that he considers himself to be available, as opposed to how he seems to not feel that way now (except sometimes toward Lisbon). It doesn’t guarantee anything on her end of things, only his. I kind of doubt that she’d come running to him if he asked at this point, especially if she is really considering Pike’s offer, because it would seem like Jane was just being jealous and manipulative instead of sincere. Then again, if Lisbon and Pike break up, asking her shortly after that wouldn’t be good, either, and there are only a few episodes left before the finale, so there may not EVER be a good time story-wise.


What a great face.


What a great face.


I’m actually dying to see Jane’s reaction when he hears Lisbon might be moving to DC with Pike! Just imagine the emotions that he’ll be trying to/can’t restrain!!!

Regarding D.C.

It’ll be interesting to see what she decides regarding D.C., because I’m pretty sure that will play a huge part in the Jisbon moments/relationship (or lack thereof). It will probably either be her moving on with Pike or going to Jane, but not necessarily right away for either one. As I said before, I think it will be interesting.

"Let your beauty show."

WTF, Jane? What is that even supposed to mean? I genuinely do not understand that comment.

From "The Mentalist" episode 'Forest Green' (6.18); Wylie is finally starting to catch onto Jane's schemes

  • Cho: [as he and Wylie enter break room] Hey.
  • Wylie: Morning! What's up?
  • Cho: I need you to do something for me.
  • Wylie: Somethin' shady for Jane?
  • Cho: [takes defensive stance] Why do you ask?
  • Wylie: Because people only talk to me like this when we're doing something shady for Jane.
  • Cho: I need you to create an electronic trail that makes it look like the FBI just released millions of dollars in frozen assets.
  • Wylie: You mean a DNS hijacking. What- when you go to a bank's website, it redirects you to a phony version of the same site. You can make it look like anything you want.
  • Cho: Yes. [points quickly at Wylie] That. And yes, it's for Jane.
  • Wylie: Okay, sure.
  • Cho: You can do it.
  • Wylie: With my eyes closed.
  • Cho: Good man. [both leave]

“‘Cause you deserve to be with a good man.”


That could be you!

Also, I can’t help but feel as though that timing was intentional. He said that and then deliberately did something to be deceitful - even if it wasn’t Lisbon he was deceiving this time if to illustrate how much of a good man he isn’t.